Our Defense

In starting such a program, we understand that many will object it. We hope to state our case and also present you with evidence that comprehensive sex education and open discussions are the best ways to curb the rising social problem of uninformed decisions in young couples. These problems, when pushed aside or suppressed by religious and political dogma, lead to unwanted pregnancy and the acquirement of STDs. Most of all, broken hearts.

Our non-judgmental and open approach gives youths a chance to hear the real story about sexual relationships; both the good and the bad. We hope to be a source of information as the pornographic and entertainment media has long been a dominant but terribly poor source of information for many.

The information technology era is one that is new to all of us. We know that it has diminished the role of formal education, teachers, and authoritative figures. This is an era where exploration is possible with merely a screen. Our project aims to be a place where we can be trusted. Because we tell the truth.



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