Relationship FAQs

1. What if I love him?
Ah, love. Well, if you love him, simple: bake him cupcakes, write him songs, get to know his family, study with him, let him hang out with his friends, give him privacy… there are a lot of ways to love a person. And if you find yourself forced in a situation where sex seems to be the only way to prove your love, we suggest you hold back. When someone loves you, they find everything you do amazing and they ask for less each time, not more.

Wait until you feel absolutely secure, comfortable, and truly at ease with him before you ask again, if you’re ready, not when you’re madly and happily in love. If and when you do come to a time when you’re ready, be sure you know what it really is.

2. I love her and I know we will get married. Is it okay to ask for sex now? 
Sit down and talk to her about it. Don’t ask “is it okay” when you’re both heated, naked, with your junk already whipped out; it isn’t a fair time and situation for the girl. Talk about it when you’re both clear headed. Ask patiently if she’s okay with the idea and talk about what this might mean to the relationship. While marriage seem to be in the matter, consider your age and your situation – whether this is something within the next 6 month, or far in the future. If it is far in the future, chances are, thing will not be the same by the time experiences mould you else wise.

But fear not, your girl might still be okay with having sex now. So again, discuss about it. Always, always talk about it. If you find that you’ve lost your balls in that process of bringing it up – you’re probably not ready to handle something as serious as sex. And if your girl brushes it off quickly without a clear yes or no answer, clearly, she isn’t ready either. Patience, son.



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