Be Safe

Sex can be fun, wild, and romantic.

But more than anything it should always be safe.

Think you know enough about contraceptives? Read through this page to really confirm your knowledge of it. Who knows you might stumble upon a something interesting?


This is the most cost-efficient and safe method of contraceptive. Condoms undergo research testing to ensure their durability, so they are often safe (at least, 99% of the time).They are also easily found in convenient stores, like 7-eleven or K-Mart (and they are 24 hours! Open anytime for your sexy time)

If you’re shy about getting it, well, think it through – If you’re ready for sex, you’re ready to take a step out of your comfort zone to ensure that it is safe, too.

It may be embarrassing to get contraceptives at first. But 5 seconds of awkwardness with the cashier is worth it. The relief during and after sex is just much more valuable than holding up your pride with an unknown cashier.


There is a myth that pills make you fat. False. Here’s an article to prove it – New York Times. Not convinced? Here’s another one and this is a research paper –; There are many, many articles and research paper out there disproving this weigh-gain claim. If anything, pills and many other hormonal contraceptives help balance and regulate your hormone levels. That means less breakouts (pimples) and a better complexion.

There are a lot of myths surrounding the pill and they are often just gossips passed around. (Think about it, where did you hear about it?)  Do your research before believing anything you hear. 

Most ladies obtain them over the counter (from a pharmacy) based on a recommendation from friends. This is the least favorable option as no pill works the same for two person (This is a hormone pill that we are talking about, it is unlike Panadol). The best way is to consult a doctor to go through what might work best for you.

IUD/NuvaRing/Patches/ Injections

There are many, many other options out there, and you may have learned them through your Science or Biology classes. The IUD (a device you insert into the vagina), the Nuvaring (a little plastic ring you place in the vagina), patches (a little plaster you paste on any part of your body) and injections are methods that require a doctor’s prescription or supervision. Again, it is best to first consult a doctor for your best option.

It is an important to make a visit and have a doctor consult you if you plan to have a long term relationship that involves romance on bed. 

For more information on visiting doctors, read our write-up on it: Why Visit A Doctor for Contraceptives? 



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