Project Sex Ed is a non-profit, non-religious, and non-political organization. Our project is neither a campaign to judge nor preach. Instead, we hope to capture a reality of what sexual relationships really become. Sometimes on bed, things get frustrating, or sometimes couples grow apart, leaving one of them feeling used. There are always good stories and bad stories in any situation and we hope to capture as many of it as possible to give a full view on sexual relationships. This will not promote sexual behaviors. Those who want to commit it, would do so with or without our campaign. In fact, it is with stories of such that will give them more information to weigh their decisions. We are seeking to promote informed choices among young adults when it comes to sexual acts, this is important as the topic of sex is still a sensitive issue and of great controversies in Asian culture.

(This page is under construction. More to come soon đŸ™‚


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