Why Visit A Doctor for Contraceptives?

This is a supplemental post to our Be Safe page. We recommend you look through that page for valuable information on contraceptives. It is a short write-up, with straightforward details to help prepare you for whatever decisions you might make.

Now, before we scare you away with the word ‘doctor’, we hope you consider the following.

On visiting a doctor 

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of visiting a doctor for questions as personal as: protective gear for your private pleasure zone. After all, doctors are known to be authoritative figures and you may be intimidated by that, or even afraid that your parents or friends might find out.

But know that your privacy is important to your doctor. He or she will always respect your visit with them and not expose your files to anyone without your consent. (If they do, you may bring them to court.) Know that doctors are professionals, and they will and should respect you at all times.

Going back to the family doctor is always an awkward affair since they have seen you since young, so you can always look for a new doctor. New doctors = no judgments. It is just plain, honest, objective medical advice. And privacy.

We recommend you see one that is specialized in seeing women (ob/gyn doctors), since they will be best at handling your questions and insecurities. They are also very familiar with new patients who might be nervous and most importantly, they have the best knowledge on contraceptives.

Don’t be worried. You don’t have to decide immediately at the clinic. It is just always important to know your best options and go through with your doctor what you want.

As for the cost of consultation, check with the receptionist when you make your appointment (or even before!). Each doctor places a different consultation fee, so know that you can scout around before deciding on any doctor. If your first visit is unsatisfactory, recognize that you can always see another doctor. Do not settle for someone you feel terrible about, or even give up! See two or three doctors if you need to. Also, remember you can always ask your partner to help with the cost of it- this is after all a joint decision, and so the responsibility should be shared.

Whether you are in a healthy relationship, engaged or a married young couple, we hope you know that it is in your best interest to seek for a doctor’s advice. The more you know, the better. A suitable contraceptive for you can bring a lot of relief and safety to your sexual relationship.

All the best!

Shoot us an email if you did/did not. Tell us what you thought of the experience, or why you decided against it. Help us understand you, so we can help other young women and couples out there. 


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